[about the studio]

Purple Squares is a spacious recording studio in Southampton, UK. Designed with the artist in mind, it caters perfectly for all kinds of recording projects, from solo singer/songwriter, to rock, hip-hop, jazz and classical ensembles.

The studio is naturally lit, spacious and comfortable. The live room is large enough for a small orchestra, making it the perfect choice for artists desiring a spacious studio to enjoy writing and recording in.

Purple Squares is fully equipped with a wide selection of mics, pre-amps, processors and digital emulations of the world's best studio gear.

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I want to book studio time...

Purple Squares is a high-quality choice for projects of all sizes. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.

I'm looking for a producer to work with...

We have loads of experience working with singers, rappers and bands as writers/producers. Simply email us to get in touch to arrange a get-together.

[recently from the studio]

Feb 14 // Word Up / Midnight Memories - new cover from Byron Gold