Purple Squares is a fully-equipped, digital recording environment, with fantastic gear, impressive, open-plan recording spaces and a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

The philosophy behind the studio's design was to create a space that made artists and producers come alive, where people can feel relaxed, creative and do their best work. As such, the studio boasts a variety of different recording spaces, allowing it to accomodate virtually any size ensemble - from a singer/songwriter through to a full symphony orchestra.

The studio is well-equipped with a variety of tube and solid-state pre-amps as well as a diverse range of microphones. Pristine digital converters and a range of the latest DAWs ensure that performances are captured with integrity and accuracy, whilst a wide range of onboard plugins and synth racks provide numerous emulations of the world's greatest outboard gear.

Thanks to its stylish presentation and well designed acoustics, Purple Squares feels creative, spacious and inspiring to work in, and has the sonic quality to produce the finest studio recordings.

'...a breath of fresh air compared to the often sterile and claustrophobic alternatives. I had a really lovely time!'

Luke Leighfield, singer/songwriter